Ministry is fun. Ministry overseas is a lot of fun. I started this term serving in the Republic of Georgia…in Telavi to be specific. While I had intended on spending my entire two-year term there, God had a different plan. Instead, after 7 months in Telavi, He moved me to Tallinn, Estonia. I couldn’t be happier.

Estonia is one of the least religious nations on the planet. Its a fact that they wear like a badge of honor. And yet, God is doing something entirely unique and amazing. He is drawing these unreligious people closer to Him than ever before.

I work with Focus Church, a recent church plant right in the heart of Tallinn. As their Children’s Pastor, my role is two-fold. First, I am working to develop a┬áchildren’s ministry that will begin the process of establishing a generation of believers that will grow to become tomorrow’s church leaders. Secondly, I am working to identify, recruit, train and equip leaders for today. My goal is to have both securely in place before my term ends. It’s a big dream, but I know God is up for the┬áchallenge, and so am I!